Words Connect Us

A business consultancy service from Native Speaker Communications

Our approach is human-centric.  We study relationships then apply those insights to your communications.

What we do

We provide access to the world of human-centric business communications.

We construct a communication approach especially for you - then put it to work in your initiatives, projects and products.

Using communication, we help you build close and lasting relationships with your clients, your team and your partners.


Whenever you face any of the following challenges:
Engaging with an unfamiliar audience or customer group
Differentiating, pivoting or diversifying
Overcoming cultural barriers
Launching a new product or service
Shifting people's perception of what you do
Upgrading your customer's experience
Raising funds or investment
Attracting new talent to your team

Our services

Ways we can help you to reach your goals:

Unlock the unique elements of your story

Create stories that connect you, your audience and your business

Branding in words
Messages & statements that express the essence of your business

Your client’s buying decision is easy when your offer is simple and clear

Tone of voice
A distinctive, recognisable tone to use in all your communications

Product naming to differentiate and position, based on research

Blog writing
Articles and posts that increase visibility and build your reputation

UX/UI writing
Micro-copy for software products that deliver a great experience

Video script writing
Narration and dialogue writing for teasers, previews, explainers, and more

What people say...

“By the end of the collaboration, our clients trusted our service and thought of us as friendly and professional. It wouldn’t have been possible without Nick’s help.” 
Małgorzata Nowotynska, CEO of Lexmotion

Let's talk...

Any questions? 
Want a meeting or a price quote?


Communications consultant and
founder of Native Speaker Communications
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